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Young people need to Learn to Money.

Financial education with style.

With incredible support from GoFundMe backers, we created the pilot episode of a 10-part video curriculum that teaches the basics of financial literacy with a fresh voice.

It is accompanied by a curriculum website and PDF handout for classrooms. See all the pilot materials here.

Now we want to complete the full curriculum and take the effort to the next level. 

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Everyone should know the game.

And they need to know how it's played. 

Getting started financially is a monumental task, especially for low-income earners and families. Odds are stacked against you and access to straightforward financial guidance is hard to find. 


It's like trying to win a game when no one will tell you the rules. Young people need to begin life with sound financial knowledge so they aren't flying blind. 


Now we need help to make the entire series & curriculum. We envision 10 episodes, a rich website with all the content in readable form, and printable PDF handouts for teachers. 

We are currently seeking three types of partners: 

  • Institutions and individuals who can help fund the curriculum. We will have a fiscal sponsor so all contributions can be tax-deductible. 

  • Individuals and organizations with platforms who can help distribute and signal boost the content. 

  • Non-profits with existing classroom distribution channels to partner with so we can get our materials into the hands of teachers. 

What's next for 

Learn to Money?

We will create a 10-episode foundational video curriculum and mobile website that can be easily taught by teachers in just 20 minutes a week. We'll work with partners to spread it far and wide on social and in schools.
Learn to Money is a new voice for financial literacy. In addition to our foundational curriculum, we are exploring more social video, podcasts, TV, and editorial content. 

To accomplish this we are seeking partners:

  • Institutional and individual partners to help fund the full 10-episode curriculum, mobile website, and more. 

  • People and brands with big platforms to help spread the word and signal boost the message.

  • Organizations with distribution channels within public schools to help introduce and provide our curriculum materials to teachers.


Who are we?

Learn to Money is a collaboration between Tyrone Ross Jr and production company Kornhaber Brown

Tyrone is the CEO of Onramp Invest and a lifelong advocate for financial literacy. He is a passionate voice amplifying the need for increased opportunities for underprivileged young people.

Kornhaber Brown produces educational shows for PBS and social advocacy programming for MTV. They are masters at creating intelligent media that resonates with contemporary culture. 


Kornhaber Brown

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